Zaki requests release, trial adjourned to September 28

Egyptian student appears in handcuffs in defendant's cage

14 September, 16:28

    (ANSAmed) - MANSOURA, SEPTEMBER 14 - The first hearing in a trial against the Egyptian researcher and student Patrick George Zaki at a court in the Egyptian city of Mansoura lasted just over five minutes on Tuesday.

    Zaki had been a student at Italy's University of Bologna prior to being arrested on his return for a holiday to his home country in 2020.

    Zaki spoke at the hearing and said that he had been held for longer than Egyptian law allows for in the cases of minor crimes like the one that he has been charged with.

    His lawyer, Hoda Nasrallah, as ANSA can attest to as it was present at the hearing, said the same thing, asking for his release or at least access to the file on him.

    The trial has bene adjourned to September 28 and Zaki remains in jail.

    His lawyer said that she did not know whether her client would be taken back to the Torah prison in Cairo or a prison in Mansoura.

    Zaki had appeared in the courtroom with handcuffs in the defendant's cage and greeted about a dozen relatives, activists, and two Italian diplomats who attended the hearing.

    His lawyer asked for access to his file to ascertain whether the charges of incitement to terrorism had actually been shelved, as seems to have happened, according to a source, With a beard, glasses and ponytail, Zaki was dressed entirely in white with a shirt, wide trousers, and tennis shoes.

    He spoke heatedly in front of a main judge, a side one, and a court clerk. (ANSA).

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