Houthis vs Yemeni govt-in-exile forces clashes leave 50 dead

In the Bayda region, say Yemeni govt sources

16 September, 12:11

    BEIRUT - At least 50 people were killed in intense armed clashes in central Yemen between loyalist government forces linked to neighbouring Saudi Arabia and Houthi Shia insurgents, according to Yemeni government military government sources cited by Arab media outlets.

    They added the clashes in the Bayda region had left 19 soldiers answering to the government-in-exile -supported by Saudi Arabia - dead and about 30 Houthi fighters, who are supported by Iran and who for 7 years have controlled the capital, Sanaa.

    Among the loyalists killed was a high-ranking official, the sources claimed.

    The war in Yemen has been ongoing since 2015 and repeated mediation attempts by the UN have failed thus far.

    For months the Houthis have besieged the city of Maarib, east of Sanaa and at the center of an oil-rich region that is under the control of loyalist forces.

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