Migrants: Croatia, 3 border agents suspended for violence

Caught on video about pushbacks in Bosnia

11 October, 17:44

    ZAGREB - Three Croatian border police officers who were found to have participated in violence against migrants at the border with Bosnia were suspended from service, and a disciplinary procedure has been started against them, said the Croatian Police Directorate in a statement released Monday.

    Last week, Croatian Interior Minister Davor Božinović confirmed that police from the anti-riot unit were the men seen in a video filmed in June by a group of international investigative journalists at the Croatia-Bosnia border.

    In the video, the men had their faces covered and were not wearing any official uniforms.

    They are shown beating at least four migrants before pushing them forcefully back to the other side of the border, shouting "Go to Bosnia!".

    For years Croatian police have been accused by human rights organisations and the press of committing acts of violence during forced pushback procedures.

    It is suspected that the behavior has the approval of senior officials in the police and the Interior Ministry itself.

    The disciplinary procedure started against the men limits responsibility only to the three of them, and, for now, it exonerates their superiors.

    The three officers are, in fact, suspected of having acted during work hours, therefore while on duty, against internal rules and in so doing "caused damage to the honour and reputation of the Croatian police".

    Various NGOs have called on an investigation into senior officials in the police force and for the resignation of the interior minister.

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