Shooting at Hezbollah and Amal protest leaves 6 dead, 30 injured

Shia militias say snipers started clashes

14 October, 18:31

    Unrest in Beirut Unrest in Beirut

    BEIRUT - Six were killed and 30 injured in clashes that broke out Thursday morning in Beirut between fighters of the Shia armed groups Amal and Hezbollah and not-better-identified armed men and "snipers".

    Lebanese media cited these figures, which were provided by the Red Cross.

    Hundreds of representatives of the Shia Amal movement, led by Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri, had arranged to meet at the Tayyoune roundabout in the southern part of the city to then head towards the palace of justice not far away as part of a protest against an investigation underway into the explosion at the Beirut port on August 4, 2020.

    The Amal protestors, recognisable from the emblems printed on their shirts and jackets, shot Kalashnikov rounds into the air that were heard across the entire nearby areas of Badaro and Tayyoune, an ANSA journalist in the area reported. The journalist added that at least two grenades shot from rocket launchers exploded near the Tayyoune roundabout.

    The military then deployed to the aera of the clashes, between the Ayn Remmane and Shiyah zones, divided by the Tayyoune roundabout, where the Army reports there is now tense calm.

    In recent days, a former minister and Amal representative was charged in the investigation into the Beirut port explosion, which killed 291 people.

    Hezbollah and Amal say snipers started clashes

    BEIRUT - The Lebanese militias Hezbollah and Amal, both linked to political parties, say that "snipers" fired at those protesting from the two groups on Thursday, starting the ongoing clashes. In a joint statement, Hezbollah and Amal spoke out against the "aggression" by "organized armed groups".

    According to the two Shia parties, close to Iran and the Syrian government, "the aggression aims to push the country towards sedition on a religious basis". Hezbollah and Amal media claim that the ongoing clashes began after "snipers shot at the heads" of protestors. They added that the snipers were "positioned on the buildings in front" of the Tayyoune roundabout, in the buildings of the Ayn Remmane area, a stronghold of Maronite Christian groups that are rivals of the two Shia movements, who instead have a stronghold in the Shiyah area next to it.

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