Spain: metalworkers' strike, new clashes in Cadiz

Protest for salary hike continues after seven days

22 November, 17:50

    Barricades and small fires at metalworkers' strike in Cadiz Barricades and small fires at metalworkers' strike in Cadiz

    MADRID - Tension is high in the province of Cadiz, in southern Spain, where a metalworkers' strike is ongoing with no plans to halt it. On the seventh day of protests - several Spanish media outlets report - public disorders were registered in several areas of this territory, with objects hurled, barricades and small fires, traffic interruptions and clashes with police. Such scenes have already been reported over the past few days.

    In the area of the port of the city of Algeciras, a 20-year-old driving a motorcycle died after crashing with a truck that was blocked in a queue caused by the protests, sources of the Spanish Guardia Civil confirmed to Spanish news agency Efe. The victim worked at the port. "It was an accident", said Spanish Interior Minister Fernando Grande-Marlaska in a statement in which he expressed his condolences to the youth's family.

    Workers in the sector, which is one of the most important in the area with several specialized companies, are asking for better salaries. For the moment, they have deemed offers made by entrepreneurs insufficient. Negotiations are continuing.

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