Lebanon: children going hungry, forced into labor, UNICEF

Unprecedented humanitarian disaster, Iacomini

24 November, 15:28

    (ANSAmed) - ROME, NOVEMBER 24 - The spokesperson of UNICEF Italia, Andrea Iacomini, said on Wednesday that "the Lebanese crisis is continuing without a let-up with a devastating impact on children". "A new survey carried out by UNICEF in Lebanon showed an increase in the number of children suffering malnutrition who have to work to support their family and don't receive the healthcare assistance they need". Iacomini denounced that "cases of children who are sent to work because their families live in desperate conditions are increasingly significantly". The water crisis is worsening the situation as a "threat for public health - drinking water is missing everywhere".

    "The numbers show a quick and dramatic deterioration of living conditions in six months, with over half of families with at least one child who skipped a meal in September, compared to nearly 37 percent in April. With sky high inflation, cuts to education, an increase in poverty and increasingly scarce jobs, 40 percent of families had to sell home décor. Seven in 10 had to get food with a credit or borrow money to afford it, compared to six in 10 in April - the discomforting situation continues", Iacomini went on to say.

    "The crisis is also having grave repercussions on the health of children. Nearly 34% of children who needed basic healthcare assistance didn't get it, compared to 28 percent in April. The price of medicines increased massively, leaving numerous families unable to afford health assistance for their children while the country is dealing with a lack in essential medicines", he explained. (ANSAmed).

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