Libya: 68 migrants treated after mass arrests in Tripoli, MSF

'Parents beaten, divided from kids among wounded, EU must act'

11 January, 15:30

    (ANSAmed) - ROMA, 11 GEN - A team of Doctors Without Borders has treated 68 people who were injured during a mass arrest two days ago in Libya, in which hundreds of migrants asking for protection were transferred to the center of Ain Zara. The NGO said in a statement that seven of those wounded required medical attention in hospital, while 190 people were offered psychological support.

    "Over 600 people, who were protesting peacefully to obtain protection and to ask to be evacuated from Libya, were arrested and transferred to the detention center of Ain Zara south of Tripoli. In this facility are already held hundreds of migrants and refugees in overcrowded cells", said Gabriele Ganci, head mission for MSF in Libya. "During a weekly visit to the center, where we offer medical care and psychological support, MSF's team treated people with stab wounds, signs of beatings and people who were traumatized by forced arrests. Among them - continued Ganci - were also parents who were beaten and separated from their children during the event".

    "What occurred shows that, once again, in Libya all migrants are subjected to casual and arbitrary detention, even those seeking protection in line with humanitarian laws", said Ellen van der Velden, director of MSF operations. "Once again, we ask Libyan authorities to stop mass arrests and to find dignified alternatives to detention. We also ask the EU - she added - to stop any support to the endless system of detention, abuse and violence in Libya". (ANSAmed).

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