Israel: child abuse, MeToo-style protest among fearful

Flyer campaign on streets against silence of leaders, media

13 January, 15:39

    TEL AVIV - Hundreds of observant Jewish Orthodox activists are conducting an unprecedented leafleting campaign in Israel's Orthodox neighbourhoods, to break the wall of secrecy maintained by their religious and political leaders on the issue of child sexual abuse.

    "We believe those affected, male and female," the flyers state in block letters, referring to the story of a well-known Orthodox writer who took his own life last month after being accused in the secular newspaper Haaretz of abusing minors.

    The highly visible awareness campaign in the streets (referred to in the secular media as the 'Orthodox #MeToo') has also been controversially launched against the major Orthodox newspapers, which have generally tried to ignore the writer's suicide and are reticent to write about sexual abuse in their society.

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