Gaza: Hamas conducts security drill in city center

Vast area closed to civilians, roadblocks in Gaza Strip

18 May, 16:59

    (ANSAmed) - GAZA, MAY 18 - A security drill was carried out on Wednesday by the security forces of Hamas in a large area in downtown Gaza City in which are located the headquarters of security services, the police academy, a prison, diplomatic offices, the military hospital and police headquarters. The entire area was declared 'off limits' to civilians during the entire drill, which lasted for over an hour.

    Across the Gaza Strip, according to local sources, there was a climate of emergency while roadblocks were set up along several streets. Residents heard echoes of explosions and saw clouds of smoke simulating fires coming from the area of the drill. The sirens of ambulances were also heard.

    At the end of the drill, Hamas interior ministry spokesman Yiad al-Bozum expressed satisfaction. "We constantly operate to improve our abilities at times of emergency, to defend the population", he said. (ANSAmed).

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