Egyptian researcher Zaki decries another trial postponement

Wants to return to his studies

21 June, 17:45

    (ANSAmed) - MANSOURA, JUNE 21 - "We are in a cycle of postponements. This is unacceptable. I want to go back to my studies and I am beginning to feel that I am not free. And this is entirely unacceptable for me," Egyptian researcher Patrick Zaki told journalists in the Egyptian city of Mansoura after a decision earlier in the day to postpone his case until September.

    "We did not say anything today. We did not make any request," Zaki said after being asked what his lawyers had asked. "Nothing new happened. They asked for my ID card. That is all." He said that the trial had "lasted 15 seconds".

    On an expected constitutional court ruling on a similar case that could result in the shelving of his trial, Zaki said that his lawyers had suggested it but that it had not been his idea.

    "What I think is that I want to be in Bologna before September. I want to resume my studies. I want to resume my work and everything else," he said.

    "I want to return to Italy as soon as possible. Postponing [the trial] until September 27 is like freezing" the case, he said.(ANSAmed).

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