Bansky mural saved during overnight operation

US arts dealer coordinated it

01 August, 16:52

    (ANSAmed) - TEL AVIV, 01 AGO - With a complex night operation a Banksy mural, which was believed to be lost forever, was recovered in a house that was being demolished in Bethlehem (West Bank) and transferred to an art gallery in Tel Aviv.

    According to the Israeli daily paper, Yediot Ahronot, the mural depicts a rodent and is titled 'Rat with Catapult'.

    The newspaper states that 15 years ago the artist visited Bethlehem, and was deeply touched by the conditions of Palestinians, subjected to occupation and drew his 'rat' on the external part, in cement, of an Israeli military outpost but subsequently the post was abandoned. The wall was removed and the mural was erased by unknown people who wrote on top, with red paint, 'Banksy-rat, rest in peace'.

    The mural's recovery operation was coordinated by a US arts dealer whose identity the newspaper does not disclose. He was the one to organize the transfer from the West Bank to Tel Aviv.

    The cement slab, according to the paper, weighs approximately 800 kg and a crane was necessary to lift it. In the mean time the offensive words were removed and the work of art has returned to its original aspect.

    According to the owners of the Israeli art gallery, which also remained anonymous, this mural has great value. It is possible that, prior to being put on sale, it will be shown to the public, probably accompanied by an exhibit of other Banksy street art. (ANSAmed).

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