1,500 migrants try to enter Greece from Turkey

Through Evros river. Athens: 'Plan organized by Turkey'

22 September, 12:19

    ATHENS - Some 1,500 people allegedly tried to cross into Greece from Turkey, through the Evros river, on Wednesday, according to the Greek minister for the protection of citizens (the equivalent of the interior ministry) Takis Theodorikakos, interviewed by broadcaster Skai.

    The attempt failed when migrants noticed "the strong presence of measures of dissuasion" along the border, revealed the minister. He added: "We are facing a clear plan organized by Turkey, in the majority of cases the migrants are taken by vehicles of Turkish security forces. It is not a spontaneous action".

    The minister however added that Wednesday's case did not risk to turn into an event similar to the one reported in February 2020, when thousands of refugees massed on the border with Greece in the region of Evros, and the Greek government deployed military forces.

    The region of Evros (Meric in Turkish) is today one of the most militarized in Greece. Recently, the Greek government has announced that it wants to further extend a 35-km-long border wall to discourage crossings.

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