Historic change: Lapid at the UN opens up 'Two-State Solution'

Netanyahu: "Damaging ". Truss considers embassy move Jerusalem

23 September, 17:54

    Israeli PM Yair Lapid's speech at the UN General Assembly Israeli PM Yair Lapid's speech at the UN General Assembly

    (by Massimo Lomonaco)

    TEL AVIV - The 'Two-State Solution', kept on hold for a while, is now brought back to life and evoked by Israel itself. It was Israeli Prime Minister, Yair Lapid, to revive this solution and bring it back to the negotiating table at the UN's General Assembly in New York, at the very tail end of his mandate before upcoming elections on 1 November. His was a very emotional speech - with the term 'peace' often used, except when referring to Iran. The speech however, some part of which had already been leaked in his home country, were met with more criticism than approval, even among ministers of his own government, such as Aylet Shaked. Benyahim Netanyahu's reaction was very harsh: "A weak and defeatist speech" he stated.

    However, at international level, these words were most likely be welcomed, beginning from the US and Europe.

    "An agreement with the Palestinians, based on two States for two peoples is- highlighted Lapid at his very first speech at the UN General Assembly- the right thing for the security of Israel and its economy and for the future of our children". The only condition, he added, which is shared by the majority of Israelis, himself included, is just one: "The future Palestinian State will have to be peaceful". He explained that "It cannot become another launching base used to threaten the well-being and the existence of Israel. And Israel must have the ability to protect the security of all its citizens at all moments".

    This is clearly in reference to what is happening in Gaza since Hamas took over in 2005 on the Gaza Strip: Lapid then recalled how over 20 thousand missiles were launched from Gaza into Israel.

    Israel, he continued, is read to remove "starting tomorrow" any "restriction" on the Palestinian enclave and to help its economy. "The sole condition is: halt the launching of missiles against our children", he stated. After having mentioned the success of the Abraham Accords and the peace treaties with Egypt and Jordan, as symbols of peace, the PM went further, speaking to the other countries of the Arab world, starting from Saudi Arabia and Indonesia: "Come and speak to us, our hand is ready to reach out to you".

    If the speech appeared to some to reminisce the strength of the choices made by former PM Yitzhak Rabin, now we will have to see what the reaction of the interested parties will be. While waiting to hold his speech, Mahmoud Abbas, Palestinian President met with the UK's Prime Minister, Liz Truss who stated that London "is considering" moving its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, following the US. If this should take place - according to analysts - it will have direct repercussions.

    However, for the moment, no one is a prophet in his own country. Netanyhu- historically against the two-state solution might become the next PM- has declared in a video that Lapid's concession "puts all of Israel's future in danger". "Lapid, brings Palestinians back on the world stage and places Israel in the Palestinian pit". "Lapid, he continued, is giving Palestinians a terrorist state in the heart of the state, a State that will threaten us". The nationalist right and the religious entities reacted strongly and spoke about a cowardly backing-down before terrorism. The November vote will also voice its opinion on this issue.


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