Israel: 55,000 Russian Jews 'interested in migrating'

Jerusalem Post: 'Immigration hindered by few flights'

30 September, 15:39

    TEL AVIV - There are currently tens of thousands of Russian Jews who are waiting to migrate to Israel, according to local reports. An estimated 40,000, the Jerusalem Post says, have already obtained the necessary visa for the so-called 'aylà' and another 15,000 are still undertaking the required process. But their arrival in Israel, the newspaper noted, will be slowed down by the few number of flights connecting Russia to Israel, which are "currently limited to seven a week".

    An anonymous source at the Jewish Agency for Israel - a semi-public body that organizes the logistical aspects of Jewish immigration - told the newspaper that in order to raise the number of flights significantly, Premier Yair Lapid needs to directly intervene with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

    Meanwhile this week the Israeli finance ministry allocated 90 million shekels (over 25 million euros) to be devolved for the immediate needs of Jews who will migrate to Israel from Russia in the coming months. According to media reports, several thousands of people are expected to arrive on average every month. According to official figures, some 19,000 Russian Jews migrated to Israel between the start of the war in Ukraine on February 24 and the end of July.

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