Morocco: King appoints head of Islamic party as Premier

New Premier will listen to Feb. 20 Movement

29 November, 18:41

    Morocco's king Mohamed VI Morocco's king Mohamed VI

    (ANSAmed) - RABAT, NOVEMBER 29 - King Mohamed VI of Morocco has officially appointed the head of the moderate Islamic ''Justice and Development'' party, Abdelilah Benkirane as the country's Premier. The PJD took 27% of votes in last week's political elections, winning 107 of the 395 seats in parliament.

    "The King has today nominated the General Secretary of the Party of Justice and Development, Benkirane, who now should form a coalition government with the other parties," an official communiqué from the royal palace says. Abdellilah Benkirane expressed his willingness to listen to the militants of the February 20 Movement: "if they make serious proposals, one should listen to them. If one single Moroccan makes a serious proposal, they should be listened to. They are in their thousands". (ANSAmed).

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