Libya: Minister, West should not fear Sharia

Terbil in Rome, fair trial for Saif al Islam

02 December, 16:14

National Transitional Council Youth Minister, Fathi Terbil National Transitional Council Youth Minister, Fathi Terbil

(ANSAmed) - ROME - "The West should not fear Islamic law because it brings peace, justice and rights,'' National Transitional Council (NTC) Youth Minister and well-known human rights defender in Libya Fathi Terbil told ANSA. Terbil made his remark in response to a question about the possibility of introducing the Sharia in Libya's new Constitution. ''The Sharia is certainly the main source of law but not the only one,'' the Minister said in Rome, where he will receive the Ludovic Trarieux international human rights prize. ''It is clear that there are several institutions in the world where Islamic law is applied peacefully, and where all civil rights are respected. It is a question of interpretation,'' he added, urging the West not to associate the Sharia with fundamentalism and terrorism. Coming back on the death of Muammar Gaddafi, Fathi Terbil said: ''The information we have obtained so far shows that he was killed in a shootout, but we don't know exactly how it happened.'' Terbil is also the lawyer of relatives of the victims of the Abu Salim murders, where Gaddafi ordered 1,300 people to be killed in a single day. ''We have formed an investigation commission to find out what really has happened to Gaddafi. This commission has to shed light on the question, in the interest of the new Libya,'' he pointed out. Referring to Saif Al Islam, the son of Gaddafi who was captured in the south of Libya on November 19 and who is now held in Zenten, Terbil said that he will be given a ''just trial in full observance of human rights''. He underlined that he ''condemns the killing of Gaddafi'' and guaranteed that ''all prisoners who are now detained by the rebels will be given a fair trial." The situation of Saif ''is special, he will be judged while the crimes committed by him and his family will be taken into account."(ANSAmed).

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