Two states only solution and Israel to commit, Jordan King

Illegal settlements block peace, he tells the EU parliament

18 April, 15:27

European Parliement Plenary Session European Parliement Plenary Session

(ANSAmed) - STRASBOURG - The "Two States" solution is the only possible for the peace process in the Middle East.

It is thus necessary that "Israel be committed" to create "Two states with equal dignities and self-determination" with "East Jerusalem as capital of Palestine." It's a solution which will guarantee safety and peace in Israel", otherwise "Israel will be far from being secure and it will take decades to restart the peace process." This was the message given by King Abdullah II of Jordan to the plenary hall in Strasbourg. A guest of the European Parliament at the end of talks with the EU, the Jordanian King was widely applauded by all and given a standing ovation.

In his speech to the parliament, Abdullah II stated that the partnership with the EU is "useful" to "keep the pressure going and hopes high." The King also said that it is the illegal settlements which are creating an obstacle to the peace process." After remembering that "ten years ago the Arab initiative took the decision to look ahead and not back to find an agreement" but since then "another generation still awaits in vain for a Palestinian nation." King Abdullah reiterated the fact that the two states solution "is supported by the whole Muslim world." "There is no time to wait" he added, warning that prolonging things will just "add frustration." Speaking to the European Parliament, the monarch then illustrated the steps made by his country towards democracy, highlighting the Constitutional reforms and the start of Parliamentary elections: "only in this way shall we be a safe haven." (ANSAmed).


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