Egypt: Election law changes, Mubarak's last PM out

New rules for presidential candidates in force today

24 April, 17:10

(ANSAmed) - CAIRO, APRIL 24 - The last prime minister in office under Egyptian Hosni Mubarak, Ahmad Shafik, has been excluded in from the presidential race following the changes in the law taking effect today. The definitive list of candidates will be released this Thursday.

Shafik is the last in a series of well-known candidates excluded from the presidential elections, the first round of which has been set for May 23 and 24.

The Egyptian election committee has already removed the main candidate for the Muslim Brotherhood, Khaiter El-Shater, the Salafi candidate Hazem Salah Abu Ismail (whose supporters have been occupying Tahrir Square for the past two days to protest the decision) and the former head of Egyptian intelligence and Vice President to Mubarak in the last days of the regime, Omar Suleiman.

The candidates who appear more likely to win are former Arab League Secretary General Amr Moussa, Abdel Monein Abdel Fotouh (moderate Islamist who left the Muslim Brotherhood) and Mohamed Morsi, one of the main members of the Brotherhood whose candidature was presented as the second choice in the event of El Shater being excluded from the race. (ANSAmed).