France 2012: Gap narrows, Hollande 53% and Sarkozy 47%

22% are still uncertain

30 April, 10:17

Francois Hollande campaign meeting in Bercy Francois Hollande campaign meeting in Bercy

(ANSAmed) - PARIS - Six days away from the second round of the French presidential elections, the gap has narrowed between the two challengers, which until now had oscillated between 10 and 8 points in favour of the Socialist Francois Hollande. According to an IPSOS poll released this morning, Nicolas Sarkozy has regained a point and is now at 47%, while Hollande is down one to 53%. Of those questioned and certain that they would be casting their ballots, 22% did not say who they would be voting for. As concerns the breakdown in the votes of candidates eliminated in the first round, 34% of those who voted for the centrist Francois Bayrou said that they would vote for Hollande and 40% for Sarkozy. Among those supporting Marine Le Pen, far right candidate from the National Front, 14% plan to vote for Hollande and 54% for Sarkozy. Among those who had backed Jean-Luc Melenchon (Left Front), 3% said they would be voting for Sarkozy and 80% for Hollande. (ANSAmed).