Jordan stops Syrian refugees from entering territories

12 June, 13:13

(ANSAmed) - AMMAN, JUNE 12 - Jordan border authorities have been banning Syrian refugees from entering the kingdom as the number of asylum seekers sky rockets in light of escalating violence in the neighbouring country, Syrian activists said.

The government conceded it was putting restriction on entry of Syrians, but insisted it was for security reasons.

Foreign minister Nasser Judeh said earlier this week his country had the right to prevent anybody from entering the country due to national interests.

The official was hinting at what is believed to be attempts by groups loyal to embattled president Bashar al Assad to destabilize the country and infiltrate refugees community.

Jordan has welcomed nearly 120,000 refugees over the past 15 months, but fears double this figure could pour into the country as sectarian violence takes hold in Syria.

Activists say any Syrian who leaves Jordan is no longer able to return, although some have refugee papers from the UN agency for refugees, UNHCR.

The army has also intensified its control over the borders amid concern of illegal crossing from the restive city of Deraa.

The southern city is being controlled by Syrian forces in day and rebels at night, with nearly 52 towns and villages rising against al Assad rule.

The grip of Damascus on the country is believed to be faltering as the free army gains more ground after acquiring larger weapons and the defection of more troops from the army.



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