Anti-Islam Film: Prophet is untouchable red line, Morsi

Asks Obama to ''take dissuasive measures''

13 September, 15:39

    Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi during a press conference today in Brussels Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi during a press conference today in Brussels

    (ANSAmed) - CAIRO - The Prophet 'is a red line nobody can touch',  Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi was quoted as saying by Egypt's Mena news agency comments on protests across Egypt and Libya and a film on the Prophet slammed as blasphemous. The Prophet 'is a red line for all Muslims and we refuse any attack', said the president. ''We will sacrifice with our soul and heart'' Morsi also said, citing a Muslim profession of faith. The Egyptian president, who had a phone conversation with US President Barack Obama before talks with European leaders and then a trip to Rome this afternoon, stressed his condemnation of 'all attempts to attack the Profet and the sacred principles of Islam'. .

    Meanwhile he also assured Egyptian security forces will do everything in their power to protect foreigners in the country.
    Morsi asked  also his US counterpart Barack Obama to ''take dissuasive measures against those trying to demolish relations with the US'';. Morsi also expressed his condolences for the death of the US ambassador in Libya in statements to Egypt's state television.

    Talking about the ''dissuasive measures'' requested, Morsi cited Father Terry Jones stressing that ''he is the same person who tried to burn the Koran and is now trying to offend the Prophet'';.

    ''We don't attack anyone and do not accept any aggression against our sacred principles'' Morsi told state television after phone talks with Obama. (ANSAmed)

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