Anti-Islam film: Clinton condemns video and bloody blacklash

Film "disgusting", attacking embassies against working together

13 September, 17:58

(ANSAmed) - New York, September 13 - United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Thursday said the government had "absolutely nothing" to do with the American-made film about the prophet Mohammed that has sparked bloody protests and attacks at its embassies in the Middle East.

Clinton said the video was "disgusting and reprehensible", adding that the US rejected its message, but called the violence unjustified.

On Tuesday US Ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens and three employees were killed in an attack sparked by the film but, according to some sources, led by pro-al-Qaeda forces. On Thursday demonstrators stormed the US embassy in Yemen and one was reportedly shot dead as intruders were repelled. "Attacking the embassies is attacking the idea of working together," she said. (ANSAmed).


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