Crisis: Greece; government keeps hard line, troika leaves

'Unacceptable' requests. Talks to continue by email

17 October, 11:25

    Crisis: Greece; government keeps hard line, troika leaves Crisis: Greece; government keeps hard line, troika leaves

    (ANSAmed) - ATHENS -  After three hours of talks, the three leaders of parties in Greece's government coalition - the prime minister and leader of Nea Dimokratia (centre-right) Antonis Samaras, Evangelos Venizelos of Pasok (Socialists) and Foris Kouvelis of the Democratic Left - decided last night to maintain a hard line in confronting requests by representatives of the troika (IMF, EU and ECB).
         All three leaders rejected as 'unacceptable' the troika's request to change labour contracts in the private sector. 'Negotiations with the troika will continue', said Kouvelis at the end of the meeting. 'The troika's request has nothing to do with what Greece has to confront in relation to the 11.5 billion cuts. What the troika is aiming at is destroying all labour rights and goes beyond what society is able to withstand'.
         Venizelos also wanted to send a clear message to representatives of Greece's international creditors. 'The troika is playing with fire. The package of measures must lead Greece out of the crisis otherwise markets will not be convinced. Further measures involving workers' rights don't help productivity nor employment'.
         IMF's envoy Poul Thomsen at the end of the troika's meeting with Finance Minister Yannis Stournaras and Labour Minister Yannis Vroutsis spoke about the talks' progress. 'We agree on most political issues, and for the few left we will soon find an accord'.
         Stournaras also spoke about progress at the end of the last round of negotiations with the troika's representatives. 'Relevant progress has been made in the negotiations. The issues which are still open will be solved in the next few days', he said.
         According to, which quoted Finance Ministry sources, the troika's representatives are leaving Greece but talks will continue by email. (ANSamed)

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