Crisis: Hollande, risk of euro zone explosion over

Yes to multi-speed Europe, political union after 2014 vote

17 October, 14:07

French President Francois Hollande French President Francois Hollande

(ANSAmed) - PARIS - French President Francois Hollande told Le Monde in an interview published today that 'the worse, that is the fear of an explosion of the euro zone, is over'. He also said that 'better times have yet to arrive, it is up to us to build them'.

Hollande also called for the 'political union' of the EU and said it was a possibility 'after the 2014 European elections'.

In the interview also published by Italian daily La Stampa and Spain's El Pais, the French head of state said he saw a 'multi-speed' Europe including 'different circles' which can be called 'avant-guarde, forerunners or hard core' and stressed the importance of the French-German axis, the historic force of European integration. The Paris-Berlin axis is 'the couple enabling acceleration which therefore can also slow down things if it is not in synch'.

According to Hollande, EU countries are 'very close' to exiting the crisis. 'We have made the right decisions at the summit in June 28 and 29 and we now have to implement them quickly. First of all, we have to solve the situation in Greece, which has made lots of efforts and must certainly remain within the euro zone. Secondly, we must respond to the demands of countries which have carried out the expected reforms and must be able to finance themselves at reasonable rates'.(ANSAmed).


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