Tunisia: Ennahdha opposer lynched, tension in the country

Hospital sources, death from internal bleeding caused by attack

19 October, 11:10

(ANSAmed) - TUNIS, OCTOBER 19 - The political tension which has shaken Tunisia in the past few months had a tragic epilogue yesterday in Tataouine, a southern city badly hit by the economic crisis, where the regional coordinator of Nidaa Tounis, a new party which staunchly opposes Ennahdha, died after being beat up. The colleagues of the victim, Lofti Naguedh, called his death a 'political assassination' by members of the ruling religious party.

Naguedh died at a local hospital. An interior ministry spokesperson said he died of heart failure but pictures taken of him after the incident show a badly bruised body. According to sources at the Tataouine hospital quoted by the website Tunisie Numerique, Lofti Naguedh died from internal bleeding.

Regardless of the actual cause of death, Nagued was savagely beaten up: his face appears swollen and badly bruised all over in the pictures. His neck also shows signs of strangulation.

The attack occurred yesterday morning during a demonstration in Tatauoine. The event was one of many organized by Ennahdha in the country in support of its government and for the ousting of former regime members. According to interior minister spokesman Khaled Tarrouch many members of society took part in the demonstration although eye witnesses said most participants were Ennahdha activists together with, for the first time, supporters of Ettakatol and Congress for the Republic, the other two parties in the 'troika ' government.

When the demonstrators arrived in front of the regional farmers and fishermen union of which Naguedh was secretary, a brawl ensued in which fire bombs were used. Police reportedly only intervened after Naguedh had already been badly beaten up after he had attempted to flee. The high official of Nidaa Tounis died shortly after being taken to hospital by car.

Clashes caused a dozen wounded, some of them in critical condition.(ANSAmed).


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