Egypt: Salafites march Friday for laws based on Sharia

Islamic law at the centre of debate in constituent assembly

08 November, 12:25

Protest against an assembly drafting Egypt's new constitution Protest against an assembly drafting Egypt's new constitution

(ANSAmed) - Cairo - A dispute is ongoing between Egyptian fundamentalists and moderate and secular movements over the introduction of the Islamic sharia law as the only source of legislation in the new, post-revolutionary Constitution. While the Constituent assembly is slowly moving ahead, a number of Salafite movements have scheduled a demonstration on Friday in Tahir square 'for the return of sharia'. The march is organized by the Salafite front which groups Egypt's main fundamentalist groups. The organization is demanding for 'the new Constitution not to include any article contradicting sharia'. The former Constitution dating back to the regime of Hosni Mubarak included 'principles of sharia' and is opposed by the front.

The dispute over sharia, which is strictly connected to civil rights and women's rights, is central in the work of the assembly which, one of its members said, should complete its work in the second half of November. The text should subsequently be handed to President Mohamed Morsi by the first week of December and then approved by popular referendum. This passage is connected to legislative elections to renew parliament which was dissolved after magistrates ruled that it was unconstitutional. (ANSAmed)


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