Armaments: Algeria reinforces role as regional power

$30 billion in 2013 military spending

12 November, 13:59

    Graduation ceremony at police academy in Algeria Graduation ceremony at police academy in Algeria

    (ANSAmed) - TUNIS, NOVEMBER 12 - Algeria has always wanted to emphasize its role as a regional power, a claim which has to be backed up by maintaining an efficient and powerful military machine, both in terms of troops and of training. But this machine needs a constant flow of funds in order to stay efficient, as proven by the $30 billion allocated to the military in the 2013 budget.

    At a 14% increase over 2012, this is a significant amount to say the least, given the economic contingency of the country (which rests exclusively on energy exports), which is being justified as necessary to keep the armed forces capable and ready for action in the fight against Islamic terrorism, which claims money and lives. At $2.5 billion, the interior ministry 2013 budget must also be added to the military one, as the two often act in concert. This adds up to 5% of GDP for the military and 4% for internal security forces (police and gendarmes). The secret service budget, which is crucial in the fight against al-Qaeda in the Maghreb, remains under wraps, but Algeria remains among the 20 countries that spend the most on defense. Recent news of a large contract with Germany for the delivery of 1,200 armored vehicles over the next decade confirms the last 15 years' buying trend, which has kept the Algerian fighting machine well supplied. (ANSAmed).

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