Tunisia: niqabs for teachers banned, minister for women

Also opposed to traditional Salafist marriage

20 November, 18:11

    (ANSAmed) - TUNIS, NOVEMBER 20 - Tunisian primary school teachers must not wear niqabs (Islamic veils) to class, the minister for women, Sihem Badi, told TAP news agency on Tuesday.

    ''It is inadmissible to allow teachers wearing niqabs to work with small children, who need to see their teacher's face, a face that will become familiar to them, and whose expressions will help them learn how to communicate,'' the minister said. Badi also said she is against traditional common-law marriage, which is contracted through verbal agreement by the two parties. Devoid of any legal value and banned by law, this type of marriage is becoming more frequent among young Salafists in Tunisia.

    ''We must be uncompromising on this issue, because it threatens the institution of marriage and in the first place, it threatens children, who are born in an illegal framework and are considered illegitimate,'' the minister said. (ANSAmed).

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