Mideast: Italy yes to Palestine UN bid 'great calling card'

We will stand with Italy in the Arab world, COMAI president

29 November, 17:36

(ANSAmed) - ROME, NOVEMBER 29 - Italian Premier Mario Monti's announcement this morning that Italy will vote in favor of Palestine's UN non-member observer status is ''an excellent calling card'' for Italy in terms of its political, economic and trade presence throughout the Arab world, Arab World Communities in Italy (COMAI) President Faod Aodi said Thursday.

According to Aodi, Italy came to its decision during Monti's mission to the Gulf countries, as well as during Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas' recent visit, in which he met with Italian President Giorgio Napolitano.

''As an Arab world community, we will stand by Italy's side as it revitalizes relations with area countries,'' Aodi said, calling on all Italian political forces to take a clear stand on the UN vote. ''Democratic Party (PD) Secretary Pierluigi Bersani is the only one who has said clearly he is in favor'' of the Palestinian bid, Aodi explained, adding that he is ''deeply disappointed'' in PD primary candidate Matteo Renzi. During a TV debate last night with Bersani, the younger contender declared he would not vote in favor, but would follow suit with the UK (abstaining) or the US (against). (ANSAmed).


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