Turkey: Kurds may secede by 2030, US report

If Kurdish state arises, US National Intelligence Council

11 December, 20:14

    (ANSAmed) - ANKARA, DECEMBER 11 - Turkey's Kurdish regions might secede by 2030, should an independent Kurdish state arise in the Middle East, Hurriyet online daily quoted a US National Intelligence Council report as saying Tuesday.

    A Kurdish state made out of Kurdish regions now divided between Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria could be in the cards by 2030, according to one of several scenarios presented in the report. Iraqi Kurdistan is an autonomous region-state, while in Syria, government forces have withdrawn from most of the Kurdish regions along the border with Turkey and Iraq.

    In Turkish Kurdistan, an offensive by the separatist Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) has been ongoing since July. The PKK has been declared a terrorist organization by Turkey, the US and the EU. (ANSAmed).

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