Syria: Syrian National Coalition nixes Brahimi proposal

Brahimi proposes Assad remain in office thru 2014

24 December, 14:23

    Head of the National Coalition of Forces Ahmad Mouaz Al-Khatib in Brussels (archive) Head of the National Coalition of Forces Ahmad Mouaz Al-Khatib in Brussels (archive)

    (ANSAmed) - BEIRUT - Syrian National Coalition leader Ahmad Muaz al-Khatib on Monday rejected a proposal by UN-Arab League envoy Lakhdar Brahimi to end the civil war, in which President Bashar al-Assad would remain in office until the end of his mandate in 2014.

    ''We told every official we have met with: Syrians reject the permanence of the regime and its leader, even if he stays in office with no prerogatives,'' Khatib stated in a communique.

    ''I personally told Brahimi that we reject this solution. We reject any political solution which purports to salvage the regime. We reject any solution that does not contain Assad's exit as the first condition.''

    The Syrian National Coalition is the prime opposition platform abroad, and has been recognized by Western countries, Turkey, and the Arab Gulf nations.

    Also on Monday, opposition leader Khatib implicitly criticized UN and Arab League envoy Lakhdar Brahimì's silence on the civilian massacre at the Halfaya bakery. "The Halfaya massacre was carried out not only by the Syrian regime, but also by whoever avoids talking about it. Whoever remains silent is an accomplice of those feeding on Syrian blood," Khatimi said. The newly-formed SNC has been recognized by most Western countries, Turkey, and the Gulf Arab nations as the sole legitimate representative of the Syrian people.

    Dozens of Syrian civilians gravely wounded Sunday in a regime air strike against a bakery in the town of Halfaya, in the Hama region, are in dire need of blood transfusions and must be evacuated to hospitals with appropriate equipment, a Syrian doctor in an emergency field hospital in Kfarnabuda told ANS on Monday. "The wounded are lying on the ground because we don't have enough beds," the doctor, who goes by the pseudonym of Abu Ahmad, told ANSA via Skype. "We can't sterilize our instruments. We need plasma bags and needles. A lot of these people are at risk of dying, but they could be saved." More than 60 wounded arrived at the Kfarnabuda hospital yesterday, the doctor said. "But we could only take in 30 of them. We had to send the others to nearby villages, but they are in the same dire situation we are in." T

    he Syrian Red Crescent, the doctor said, is not trustworthy. "Everyone in Syria knows it is run by men from the regime. How can we trust those who just bombed us to rescue us?" (ANSAmed).

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