Egypt: 150 members resign from Salafi Al-Nour party

Another party to be formed 'under Sharia', says former spokesman

27 December, 13:09

(ANSAmed) - CAIRO, DECEMBER 27 - One hundred and fifty representatives from Egypt's Salafi Al-Nour party from 23 governorates have resigned in mass. The resigning members cited the ''soft'' positions taken by the party over the past few months as the reason for the split.

According to Al Ahram Online, among them is Mohamed Nour, former spokesman of the Salafi party, who noted that the resignation from the party was amicable. He said that ''we wish our former fellow party members success''. Some members of the Shura (upper house of Parliament) and several former members of the People's Assembly (dissolved lower house) were among those resigning.

They have said that their future will be in the new political formation. ''We decided to found our own political entity,'' Nour said, '' open to any Egyptian citizen who wants to work for the Sharia.'' It therefore seems clear that the former members of the Salafi party will not join the party under the ultra-conservative Hazem Salah Abu-Ismail. But it was by no means a hard blow, Al-Nour spokesman Nadar Bakkar stressed, saying that he wished his former fellow party members the best of luck, ''wherever they intend to work politically'' The exodus from Al-Nour (which means ''The Light'') is not coming entirely out of the blue. For the past few months, the two extremes of the party - one more hardline and the other more open - have been facing off in a contest of wills which in late September almost led to a split in the party. (ANSAmed).


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