France: Hollande losing popularity, LH2 survey shows

Mali and same-sex marriage winning points, Le Monde

15 January, 20:09

French President Francois Hollande French President Francois Hollande

(ANSAmed) - PARIS - Popular support for French President Francois Hollande fell by a point ahead of his traditional new year's press conference tomorrow, a survey by LH2 for Le Nouvel Observateur news weekly showed on Tuesday.

The survey, conducted Friday and Saturday, before Hollande sent troops into Mali, showed 54% of respondents have a negative opinion of the president, 39% support him (down by 1% over December), and 7% declined to answer. Hollande is 15 points behind former president Nicolas Sarkozy in the same period in 2008, the survey pointed out. It is still too early to measure the impact of the Mali intervention on Hollande's image, according to Le Nouvel Observateur. Premier Jean-Marc Ayrault lost 21 points in six months, with 54% negative, 35% supporting him, and 11% not answering, the survey also showed. Mali, labor reform, and Hollande's determination to legalize same-sex marriage in spite of protests may ''be a turning point in his five-year term,'' wrote Le Monde newspaper under a front-page headline reading ''Hollande: the possibility of a rebirth''.(ANSAmed).