Egyptian writer slams Muslim Brotherhood

Al Ghitany: "no hope for the people, no democracy"

22 January, 13:13

(ANSAmed) - FLORENCE, 22 JAN - The Egyptian writer Gamal Al Ghitany has slammed the Muslim Brotherhood and President Morsi, and said that the future of his country looks bleak.

"My country is going through a difficult time. Seven months on since the Muslim Brotherhood and President Morsi took control, the situation is bleak and the future looks uncertain".

"There's no hope for Egyptians right now - there is economic hardship and nothing is clear", Al-Ghitany told a conference in Florence dedicated to the Arab world. Al-Ghitany won the prestigious Sheikh Zayed Book Award in 2009 for his book 'Ren'. "There are no projects on the horizon, and money in central banks has dried up. Everyday life is tough for the majority of the population, not to mention unsafe".

"This is because there is no democracy and the Muslim Brotherhood are clinging to power and intend to stay there forever", he said. "They are trying to destroy an Egyptian state which is more than two centuries old in order to create another." "They are taking control of the press and justice, as shown by December's siege at the High Court. This is madness. It has never happened before," he said "It was done in the name of revolution, but Egyptians didn't topple Mubarak to put another dangerous regime in his place". "There aren't any other politicians able to change the situation, there is no leader. Big protest rallies are a problem because of the risk of violence", he said. (ANSAMed)

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