Libya: Italy among top three security contributors, Terzi

Libyan stability a priority for Eu and world, minister says

12 February, 18:49

French FM Laurent Fabius (left) and Italian FM Giulio Terzi (archive) French FM Laurent Fabius (left) and Italian FM Giulio Terzi (archive)

(ANSAmed) - PARIS - Italy is among the top three contributors to security in Libya, Italian Foreign Minister Giulio Terzi said Tuesday at an international conference on security, justice and the rule of law in Libya.

The conference is co-presided by French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius and his Libyan counterpart, Mohammed Abdelaziz.

"If you look at the UN master plan compiled with guidelines from each country, you can see how Italy is at the top of the list, one of three top contributors to Libyan security", said Terzi.

The minister went on to explain that while France and the UK currently have 36 Libyan projects and Italy has 35, "if you count our projects in development, we have 80 for Libya, which is well above what all the others have in their pipeline," the minister said. "I trust this is a realistic slate." Italy's projects focus mainly on border control, especially the southern ones, which are "the most strategic ones as far as Libya's internal security is concerned. This is where former Gaddafi loyalists are still entrenched, creating instability as they infiltrate and move across the border," Terzi explained.

"The situation on the ground is still a security issue, but we trust it can be overcome in the coming months," the minister said, adding that Italy is a big supporter of today's conference.

"We are deeply convinced that progress in stabilizing Libya, and for a solid democracy to lay down roots, depend in great measure on the level of international support and on the determination with which countries involved in the Libya issue are able to take action and to follow a common agenda," Terzi said.

"Paris meeting confirms Italian line: Libyan stability a priority for Europe and international community" Terzi tweeted today. The next such conference, he said, will be held in Italy.



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