Turkey: 65.8% oppose Erdogan's presidential reform proposal

20 February, 16:24

(ANSAmed) - ANKARA, FEBRUARY 20 - A sizable majority of the Turkish population do not support the proposed switch to a presidential system put forward by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, reports a survey published by Turkish media.

According to the opinion poll, conducted by the Kadir Has University, 65.8% of the population prefer to maintain the current parliamentary system, and only 21.2% support the switch to an American-style presidential system proposed by Erdogan.

The current Islamic premier, who is expected to be elected head of state next year - replacing fellow party member Abdullah Gul - has asked that the transition to a presidential system be approved through the revision underway by the four parties holding seats in Parliament. The three opposition parties have said they are against it, while a number of analysts note that Erdogan may call a referendum on the issue. (ANSAmed).


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