Egypt: pro-Morsi Tagarod mov't gathers 11 million signatures

'Opposition wants chaos', Tagarod says ahead of Islamist demos

21 June, 14:07

    (ANSAmed) - CAIRO, JUNE 21 - In Egypt, pro- and anti-government factions are duking it out to the tune of millions of signatures.

    The pro-Morsi Tagarod (Impartials) movement on Friday announced it has gathered 11 million signatures in support of Egypt's first Muslim Brotherhood president. The anti-Morsi Tamarod (Rebels) movement last week said it gathered 15 million signatures ahead of a massive anti-government rally called for June 30, Morsi's one-year anniversary in office. ''Tamarod is dangerous for the future of the country because it wants to demolish Egypt's fledgling democracy, taking us towards chaos and violence'', Tagarod spokesman Ahmed Hosni explained. The objective of Tagarod is to show that Tamarod does not represent the popular will, he added. Pro-Morsi Islamist parties will take to the streets today, ahead of the opposition rally on June 30. The ultra-conservative Construction and Development Party, which is the political wing of the extremist Jamaa al-Islamiya movement, began organizing today's demonstrations on June 12 at party headquarters, Al Ahram online reported. The demonstrations will take place in Nasr City, with the stated intent of condemning political violence and of sustaining Morsi's democratic legitimacy as president. (ANSAmed).

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