Egypt: opposition even more determined after Morsi speech

Rebels say no to dialogue, issue post-Morsi roadmap

27 June, 15:26

    (ANSAmed) - CAIRO, JUNE 27 - The Egyptian opposition is even more determined to take to the streets and demand the resignation of President Mohamed Morsi following his Wednesday night speech to the nation.

    ''Once more, he proved he is not equal to the job'', National Salvation Front spokesman Khaled Daoud told ANSA. ''He made no new proposal. He lives outside reality, he has not understood how angry the Egyptian people are. What he said is ridiculous''.

    ''This speech proves we are on the right track'', tweeted Tamarod (Rebels) spokesman Mohamed Badr, whose movement is gathering millions of signatures asking Morsi to quit and calling for early presidential elections. ''Too late, no dialogue or negotiation with them''. Tamarod and other opposition groups yesterday launched the June 30 Front to coordinate upcoming protests and speak for those under its umbrella. It also issued a post-Morsi transition road map, Al Ahram online reported.

    The Front called for the appointment of an independent prime minister representing the opposition, who must not run for office in the next elections, to lead a technocratic government whose sole jobs will be to deal with the economic crisis and enact social justice measures.

    The current head of the Constitutional Court should step in as president ahead of new presidential elections within six months to be followed by legislative ones, Tamarod co-founder Mohamed Abdel Aziz said at a news briefing yesterday. The Front also called for the lawmaking Upper House to be dissolved and the suspension of the nation's fledgling Charter, which was approved by an Islamist-majority assembly and by popular referendum.

    The nation continues tense ahead of the June 30 anti-Morsi rallies, to take place on the first anniversary of his presidency. People are queuing at petrol stations and stocking up on food and torches, while daily brownouts stir discontent among crisis-battered Egyptians, especially the poorest.


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