Syria: 'We are not hostile', Jordanian king tells Assad

Lebanese daily As Safir reports unconfirmed bilateral talk

14 October, 19:10

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    (ANSAmed) - BEIRUT - King Abdullah II of Jordan has assured Syrian President Bashar al-Assad his country has no wish to be involved in the civil war in Syria and is doing all it can to prevent militias from infiltrating across the border, leading Lebanese daily As Safir (The Ambassador) cited regional diplomatic sources as saying on Monday.
    Jordan supports a political and not a military solution in Syria, the Hashemite king assured Assad in a phone conversation which neither leader has confirmed or denied, As Safir reported.
    Some analysts have called Jordan's position on the Syrian civil war since it began in spring 2011 ambiguous: on the one hand it has hosted and trained Syrian army deserters with the aid of the United States, its main international ally. On the other hand, the precariousness of its regime and its closeness to Israel - which has implicitly made known it fears the advent of an Islamist power in Syria more than a fall of Assad - force Amman to maintain at least a facade of non-belligerence towards the current Syrian regime.
    The Jordanian press periodically gives ample coverage to judicial sentences handed down against Jordanian Islamic fundamentalists trying to infiltrate themselves into Syria to fight alongside the rebels. (ANSAmed).

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