Egypt: judges recuse themselves in Brotherhood chiefs' trial

Charged with inciting violence

29 October, 12:40

    Muslim Brotherhood Supreme Guide Mohamed Badie Muslim Brotherhood Supreme Guide Mohamed Badie

    (ANSAmed) - CAIRO - Judges at a high court in Cairo on Tuesday recused themselves in the trial against Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohamed Badie and his deputy Khairat el Shater. The judges chose not to hear the case and let another court take over the trial in future, citing 'awkwardness'.

    The trial against Badie, el Shater and another four high officials with the Brotherhood started two months ago. The second hearing was Tuesday.

    The defendants are charged with inciting the murder of demonstrators and possession of weapons and explosives during a protest against ousted president Mohamed Morsi in front of the Brotherhood's headquarters on June 30. Nine people died and 91 were injured in clashes during the protest.

    A judicial source told ANSA that the judges' decision was connected with the absence of the six defendants who were not in court on Tuesday for security reasons.

    On November 4, the trial against Morsi is scheduled to begin. Morsi is accused of being responsible for violence in front of the presidential palace last December. Under Egyptian law, a defendant must be in court during the first hearing in order to hear all the charges against him or her.(ANSAmed).

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