Syria: Pope, enough children killed by mortar fire

Five killed Monday by rebels in school in downtown Damascus

13 November, 11:43

    Pope Francis (archive) Pope Francis (archive)

    (ANSAmed) - VATICAN CITY - Pope Francis said during a general audience on Wednesday that he was greatly pained by news that mortar fire two days ago killed a number of children as they were going back home from school and a bus driver while other children were injured.

    'Please, so these tragedies don't ever happen again, let's pray fervently', he pleaded. The faithful applauded.

    On Monday mortar fire and rockets in downtown Damascus allegedly fired by anti-Assad rebels caused the death of five children who were killed by fire that hit their school between Bab Tuma and Qassa, according to Syrian official sources and eye witnesses. The attack was reportedly carried out by anti-Assad rebels. Another three people were killed by a rocket.

    On Sunday mortar fire killed a man and his four children. (ANSAmed)

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