Crisis: Greece fears new troika demands

Regarding suspensions and dismissals of civil servants

20 November, 10:14

    New troika mission in Greece New troika mission in Greece

    (ANSAmed) - ATHENS - With negotiations between the Greek government and the troika at a critical phase, today's meeting between the Minister of Administrative Reform and the creditor representatives has caused some concern amongst government officials, who fear the possibility of additional troika demands. As daily To Vima online reports, the Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis believes that Greece has a solid case regarding reforms in the public sector: the list of the 12,500 civil servants comprising the first wave of suspensions is complete, the plans for the second wave of suspensions are being drafted, the target of 2,000 dismissals in September has been met and the evaluation of ministries and the organizations they oversee is going according to plan. The Minister of Administrative Reform hopes that the troika will take into consideration the progress and allow the two-month extension requested for the second wave of suspensions in the public sector. Mitsotakis has made the request in order to locate superfluous staff by using "rational criteria". Despite the optimism though, there is a distinct possibility that the troika representatives will pose a number of additional demands, such as a complete list of dismissals up to 2014, which includes 4,000 dismissals from 2013 and 11,000 in 2014. The troika has expressed its doubts about the Minister's claims regarding dismissals, since Mitsotakis has included ERT employees (before NERIT has even been finalized), contracted workers on "temporary orders" and the employees at defense industries EAS and ELVO. The next round of dismissals is likely to affect organizations and bodies supervised by the Ministries, local government and other public sector services (such as insurance funds and transportation). (ANSAmed).

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