Egypt: 'MB terrorism will stay but ready to pay the price'

MB-US alliance exploited secular activists, Coptic journalist

14 January, 20:54

    Pope Tawadros II, leader of the Egyptian Coptic Orthodox Church casts his ballot paper for the Constitution Pope Tawadros II, leader of the Egyptian Coptic Orthodox Church casts his ballot paper for the Constitution

    (by Luciana Borsatti) (ANSAmed) - ROME - ''We have very high hopes that the Constitution will be endorsed by the Egyptian people in the referendum today and tomorrow. From there we can move forward to presidential and parliamentary elections and build a modern State. As for the vicious terrorism against the Egyptian people, this terrorism will stay with us for a long time, but Egyptians have no regrets. We all knew that overthrowing the oppressive Islamist Muslim Brothers would come at a very high price,'' Samia Sidhom, managing editor of Coptic weekly Watani, told ANSAmed in an interview.

    Q. You cannot blame anybody for terrorism if you do not have a judiciary probe and clear evidence for it. A. The attacks against non-MB students in universities, the burning of university buildings, the assault of university faculty inside their offices, the torching of the trees on the streets around the campuses, the roadblocks and shooting and killing of civilians are all terrorist activity. And the MB are proud to claim responsibility for all of it and call for more of such activity on the official Arabic website of their political arm, the Freedom and Justice Party. They also proudly claim responsibility for attacking the police and torching police trucks and stations - mind you. Their leaders have officially said that they were attacking the police in order to exhaust them. The MB do that because, as they say, they wish to bring down the current regime and re-install Morsi, whom the Egyptian people have utterly rejected.

    Q. The MB were accused of the bloody Mansoura attack on December 24, and banned as a terrorist organization, without any evidence of their role in the attack, and even though a jihadist group had already claimed responsibility for it. A. It's true that Ansaar Beit al-Maqdis have claimed responsibility, but they're another Islamist group spawned by the Muslim Brotherhood in order to do the 'dirty work' while the MB keep their hands 'clean'. The link between these groups and the MB can be traced to the explicit declarations of a number of the leaders of the MB even before they got caught, and who are now under trial. Muhammad al-Beltagi said that ''peace will return to Sinai the moment Morsi is back as president''. Moreover, the MB did not denounce the Mansoura attack in Arabic, but only in English, in order to create a decent international image only.

    A. But in the last few months many innocent people have also been killed and arrested by the security forces.

    Q. The people who were killed in the clashes with the police are not only MB and were not only killed by the police. The MB protestors are armed and violent, they killed many innocent people simply for standing up to them. They shoot to kill. Also, they have a 'suicide mentality', use their women and children as human shields, and many of their victims fall by friendly fire, shot from the back by bullets never used by the Egyptian police. All such incidents were printed, with evidence cited, in Watani.

    Q. The repressive wave against the MB may endanger everybody's liberties and basic rights. Secular activists have also been arrested and being given jail sentences, like some prominent activists of April 6 Movement. And it is dangerous when media sources are shut down by the authorities: today they do it with Al Jazeera, who will be the next one?

    A. As concerns the so-called secular activists who have been arrested and tried before the courts, it has been proven beyond any doubt that they were exploited by the US-MB alliance to work against Egyptian interests. The US makes no secret of the fact that it was behind the foundation of the 6 April Movement. Egyptians today question very seriously the 'revolution' of 25 January 2011 and who exactly was behind the Facebook campaign which triggered it. In all cases, they are being tried in court and, contrary to what the western media likes to propagate, the courts and judiciary are not politicised. It's just that the can of worms that was being sold to Egypt since the 2011 revolution has been uncovered and it can be seen clearly what was inside.

    As to endangering freedoms and rights, we all realise we may have to give up some rights for the sake of national security. Look at the US and its Homeland Security plan. What does this say about rights? Right now, we need our country to be managed with a strong hand because we are facing a vicious enemy that is trying to obliterate Egypt and replace it with some Islamist entity that would be part of a pan-world Islamic caliphate. This is the international dream of the Islamists. Q. On the other hand, that part of the Brotherhood who had and still has a peaceful approach still represent a part of the Egyptian, which cannot be discriminated against in the path towards a new, democratic order. That's the reason why Western diplomacy keep on talking about an 'inclusive' political process.

    A. There are no Muslim Brothers with a peaceful approach, and time proves that there can be no 'inclusion' for the MB: they have refused any reconciliation time and again. And again I ask: Did Europe 'include' the Nazis? The Fascists? The Baader Meinhof? The Red Brigades? That's how the majority of Egyptians see things. And that's how the world does not see it. Too bad. (ANSAmed).

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