Rehn says Italy has great potential,should carry out reforms

Ban obstacles preventing to take advantage of such treasures

23 January, 14:06

    (ANSAmed) - BRUSSELS, JANUARY 23 - The strength of the Italian economy lies in the richness of its art, architecture, food and creativity and in the resourcefulness of its residents, EU commissioner Olli Rehn wrote Thursday on his blog. The challenge now is to change what is preventing Italy from taking advantage of such a huge potential for growth. Italy, he wrote, must continue to carry out reforms.

    In a post written to mark his visit to Rome, the commissioner in charge of economic affairs explained that Rome and all of Italy are admired for their art, architecture, food and for the creativity, force and resources of inhabitants - all factors on which the Italian economy is based. For Rehn, the challenge is changing what is keeping the country from taking advantage of its strengths and potential.

    The climate of recovery in Europe, explained the commissioner, is creating a positive environment also for Italy's recovery and he expressed the hope, for the good of Italian citizens, that the country will carry out reforms and confront with determination well-known challenges in Italy to re-launch its potential. As the third largest economy in the eurozone, this would be good news not just for Italy but for all of Europe and for those who admire Italy and want it to be successful, said the commissioner. (ANSAmed).

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