Saudi Arabia 4th largest military spender in the world

IISS report shows country trailing only US, China and Russia

06 February, 14:59

    Saudi Arabia 4th largest military spender in the world Saudi Arabia 4th largest military spender in the world

    (ANSAmed) ROME - Saudi Arabia has entered the top four countries with the highest military spending in the world, surpassing the UK and France. The annual report published by London's International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) shows that Riayadh allocated almost 60 billion dollars for its defense budget in 2013. Spending more were only the US (600.4 billion), China (112.2 billion) and Russia (68.2 billion). Western countries and especially Europe (-2.5% since 2010) are cutting defense budgets, while Middle Eastern and Asian countries are investing ever more in the sector. This trend, in Saudi Arabia as well as Oman and other Gulf countries, is seen as a result of concern over Iran's growing power. The BBC noted that Iran's nuclear program and missile capacity were the most worrisome for the countries in question.

    Anti-ballistic technology is a top priority for Gulf States, and Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the UAE have all either already purchased anti-missile and anti-aircraft systems or are in the process of doing so, the British outlet reported. The Arab uprisings have also had an effect. Libya, for example, is in the process of rebuilding its security forces and accounts for the increase in overall military spending in the Middle East, though its national budget did not make it into the top 15 worldwide. (ANSAmed).

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