Crisis: Greece; troika wants to reduce unions' powers

Employers will regain the right to stage lockouts lost in 1982

17 March, 17:21

    (ANSAmed) - ATHENS, MARCH 17 - Greece's international lenders say the country's state-financed labor unions are too powerful and want their powers reduced, including the right to strike.

    The government of Prime Minister Antonis Samaras, which has been subject to a series of strikes and protests over austerity measures he administered on orders of the troika of the Eu-Imf-Ecb has reportedly consented although it was reported the Labor Ministry will seek the consent of the General Confederation of Greek Labor on the larger issues. The troika wants the practice stopped of unions being allowed to grant workers up to 20 days a month off for union activities after it was said most of them use it to keep second jobs while being paid for their primary jobs from which they were absent but still getting paid, drawing down two checks. Another measure that is being considered is making strikes illegal unless they have been approved by at least 50% of each union's registered members. Employers will also regain the right to stage lockouts, which they lost in 1982 even though it applies in many other countries in Europe. (ANSAmed).

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