'Al-Qaeda seduces the pro-Morsi element' says Egyptian prof

'Brotherhood profits from many jihadist affiliates' says Nafaa

04 April, 16:38

    (by Giuseppe Maria Laudani) (ANSAmed) - CAIRO, APRIL 4 - ''Al-Qaeda has many branches in Egypt and the Muslim Brotherhood takes advantage of their terrorist actions, without admitting it openly'', Cairo University political science Professor Hassan Nafaa told ANSAmed.

    Nafaa is certain that a variegated galaxy of movements and grouplets exists in Egypt, and they are inspired by the jihadist terror network. But ''as yet, little is known about them'', he said.

    ''All the signs of a strong al-Qaeda presence in Egypt are there. For example just days ago, some people at Cairo University raised an al-Qaeda flag'', the analyst continued. ''However we still do not have sufficient data to understand the real extent of its power and capability for action''.

    The jihadist network's ''experience, skills, degree of preparation and action means not even law enforcement'' has this kind of information, the professor explained. The better-known al-Qaeda-inspired movements in Egypt include Ansar Beit al-Maqdes (Partisans of Jerusalem), a formation active in the Sinai where it has carried out numerous terrorist attacks on security forces. For months, it have also been carrying out guerrilla actions in the Nile region, targeting tourists as well as police. A more obscure group that emerged recently is Ajnad Misr (Soldiers of Egypt), which claimed responsibility for Wednesday's bombing attack on Cairo University in which one police general died and five police officers were wounded. ''All these formations include moderate as well as extremist elements'', the analyst continued. ''They don't have a unified and absolute credo about how Sharia or Islamic law should be applied, because every jihadist has his or her own personal vision''.

    But they are unified by the need to execute actions ''against oppression and against the corruption and tyranny of the current regime''.

    This ''complex'' picture includes the Muslim Brotherhood, whose members are also engaging in combat actions against the military that deposed their leader Mohamed Morsi in July 2013.

    ''I am certain the Muslim Brothers are too intelligent to expose themselves directly, or to let themselves become personally involved in terrorist actions'' by groups linked to al-Qaeda. ''Every time an attack of this kind against security forces occurs, they declare they had nothing to do with it. However they never go so far as to clearly and unequivocally denounce such actions, and this is to their advantage''.

    What is the solution? ''As long as we remain far from democracy, terrorist actions will continue and security forces will lack sufficient instruments to face them. What we need instead is a political and economic system with the capability to eradicate poverty and solve society's real problems'', Nafaa concluded.

    ''Only then will we truly defeat the terrorists''. (ANSAmed).

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