Libya: Egypt against interference, denies involvement

Haftar tells pan-Arab daily Egyptian Brotherhood active in Libya

20 May, 14:52

    (ANSAmed) - CAIRO, MAY 20 - Egypt opposes interference in Libya's domestic affairs, the Egyptian foreign ministry said in a statement on Tuesday.

    Egypt supports Libya's unity, the statement also said, and ''is against any interference in the country's domestic affairs, condemning anyone inside or outside Libya who has involved Egypt in ongoing developments'' because Cairo ''considers the issue as purely Libyan''.

    Libya, the statement concluded, ''has our full support to avoid division and bloodshed''.

    The statement responded to media reports alleging that the operations of General Khalifa Haftar are supported by the Egypt of General Sisi, who has been cracking down on the Muslim Brotherhood for months.

    On Tuesday, government daily Al Ahram quoted an interview given by Haftar to leading pan-Arab daily Al-Sharq Al-Awsar in which he stressed that he wanted to rid Libya of the Muslim Brotherhood and other radical Islamists, accusing them of creating chaos in the country.

    The general said he had already arrested 40 people involved with Brotherhood members in a passport forging ring.

    The general's 'dignity' operation was launched because, the general also said in the interview, ''the Brotherhood in Egypt is the force behind the arrival of extremists in Libya''. And this, he added, ''opened the eyes of Libyans''.

    Haftar also told the daily he had been planning his recent operation in Benghazi and Tripoli for two years. (ANSAmed)
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