Libyan premier orders military mobilization to free Tripoli

Camp of jihadist leader bombed, city regained in southwest

24 September, 14:47

    Clashes break out between fighters near Libyan capital [ARCHIVE MATERIAL 20140916 ] Clashes break out between fighters near Libyan capital [ARCHIVE MATERIAL 20140916 ]

    (ANSAmed) - CAIRO, SEPTEMBER 24 - Libyan Prime Minister Abdullah al-Thani has ordered "a general mobilization of the armed forces at the request of the people of Tripoli to free the capital from the Islamic militias of Operation Alba (Faraj)," Libyan media reported Wednesday. The government led by Thani had been confirmed one day prior in a parliament vote of confidence.

    Libya's intergovernmental forces claim to have bombed the camp of Abu Obaida al-Libi, leader of the Islamist group Ansar al-Sharia, in Tripoli. "We hit hard," a military official told ANSA. In addition, the military "won after hard fighting in El Azizia, in the Warshefana, southwest of the capital, freeing it from the pro-Islamic militias," a Libyan military source told ANSA. The city is considered strategic as a crossroads for trade in western Libya. The Warshefana area has seen weeks of bloody fighting between rival militias. The Libyan Parliament, forced to meet in Tobruk, warned Wednesday of the risk of humanitarian catastrophe in the area. Dozens have been killed.

    The Libyan parliament called for a ceasefire and asked the United Nations to travel to the area to evacuate women, children and handicapped, and to ensure airlift. Weeks ago, Misrata militias attacked the area, considered at the time a stronghold of Gaddafi loyalists.

    Meanwhile, Ansar al-Sharia's trail of blood lengthens in Benghazi. In recent hours, eight have been left dead including a number of civilians. Last week, on what is now called "Black Friday", 14 people were killed in Benghazi, including two adolescent activists. On Wednesday, a civil contractor and two colonels were also assassinated there. Ansar al-Sharia's campaign of targeted killings aim to silence all critical voices in the city and weaken popular opposition to the movement.

    A few days ago, a paid hitman hired by the jihadists was killed by roughly 50 armed civilians, who also repelled a convoy of pickup trucks bearing Ansar's black flags that tried to rescue the killer.

    As for the Ansar leader in Tripoli, Abu Obaida al-Libi, it should be emphasized that the man, arrested in Egypt months ago, was freed in coincidence with the "release" of some Egyptian citizens, including diplomats who had been kidnapped by Libyan militias. The media spoke of a prisoner exchange, a claim Cairo has always strongly denied. (ANSAmed).

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