Muslims stage Paris protest against 'murderous IS ideology'

Paris' Great Mosque imam: executioners will go to hell

26 September, 17:48

    Tribute to Herve Gourdel by the Great Mosque of Paris Tribute to Herve Gourdel by the Great Mosque of Paris

    (ANSAmed) - PARIS, SEPTEMBER 26 - French Muslims on Friday took to the streets of the capital to protest against the barbaric decapitation of French national Herve' Gourdel by an Algerian affiliate of the Islamic State (IS) and to show solidarity for all those killed by the group. The French Council of the Muslim Faith (CFCM), an elected national body that represents five million people, held the demonstration in front of the Grand Mosque of Paris to denounce the IS ''terrorists, who corrupt Islam in the name of a murderous ideology".

    A group of high-level Muslim figures said they too were ''dirty French'' in a commentary published by the daily newspaper Le Figaro. The reference was to an audio message circulated in recent days in which IS spokesman Abu Muhammed Al Adnani targeted France, the only European country thus far to have launched airstrikes on the jihadist group's positions in Iraq and Syria, and called on followers to kill the ''dirty French''. ''We, French nationals of France and of the Muslim religion, want to forcefully express our full solidarity with all the victims of this barbaric horde, the lost soldiers of a so-called 'Islamic State','' underscored the signatories, including imams, doctors, lawyers and politicians. ''We have the honor to say that we are also among those 'dirty French'.''

    The rector of Paris's Grand Mosque, Dalil, Boubakeur, said on Friday that jihadist executioners would ''go to hell''. Boubakeur was speaking on the sidelines of a Muslim protest in France held in solidarity with all those killed by the Islamic State (IS). The imam of Paris's Grand Mosque told ANSA that ''peace, tolerance and the ability to live together'' are needed.

    The imam underscored that IS's acts are the ''opposite'' of Islamic precepts. "The prophet says that you cannot kill even an ant, much less cut the throat of a man,'' the imam said.


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